Werewolves of Pittsburgh

Disconnected and disunified, the Pittsburgh werewolves do not collaborate well. Pittsburgh’s werewolves are mostly young Garou disconnected from their heritage, with no elders and few even ranking members among them. Refugees and urban Blight guards, gang members and factory workers, these disparate folks agree on little. Garou here often fight one another in minor turf wars, and often seek allies outside of the Garou Nation.

At Schenley Park

Home to the largest local caern, Panther Hollow, although intertribal moots are rare. The authorities of the caern are the Steel Glove.

At Wayward Son, Southside

Steam Train, Cliath Bone Gnawer Galliard. Film degree.
Tony (Anton Schwartz) Cliath Get of Fenris ahroun
Tanya Martin, Cliath Fianna theurge
Stephanie Martin, Bone Gnawer kinfolk

At the Sept of the Iron Works, Southside

Home to a small Caern of Innovation, Screw Face controls a pack of Glasswalkers and admits other Garou, mages, Changelings, and werecreatures freely.
Screw Face Fostern Ragabash Glasswalker, Sept Leader of Sept of the Iron Works
Tom (Crashpad) Cliath Glasswalker Theurge Cliath, devotee of Cockroach, white guy dreadlocks, pastel artist
Lacey Wright / Glass Claw (Cliath Ahroun)
Laurence Singh / Brick House (Cliath Philodox)
Cherie Rose / Cockroach Rose (Cliath Galliard)
Joe Gorshin / Steel Jaw (Cliath Ahroun)

In TalonTed, Southside

Chatur Mirchandani, Fostern Theurge Glasswalker, Co-Owner of Talonted

In the Hill District

Beano Porky / Pork and Beans, Cliath Bone Gnawer Ragabash
Jenny Bonesaw, Cliath Bone Gnawer Ahroun
Samuel Ruffalo, Cliath Glasswalker Philodox
Jazira Garcia, Bonegnawer kinfolk

In the Liberty Pack

Dmitri Vlavisotok, Adren Shadowlord Philodox

In the West End Gang

Alex, cliath Bone Gnawer philodox

Werewolves of Pittsburgh

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