The Hamatsa

There are four great, sacred birds, the companions of Baxwbakwalanuksiwe’, the man-eating giant of Kwakiutl Mythology. In their myths, this mouth-covered monstrous giant and his companions are fearsome enemies, but the Hamatsa priesthood knows that they can be bribed, cajoled, and encouraged to gain their power to benefit humanity… or at least keep them away and prevent eternal, consuming, cannibal winter.

The Garou know, however, that Baxwbakwalanuksiwe’ is one and the same as Wendigo, and the four Hamatsa Cannibal Birds are his quadripartite self. That is, although Wendigo is one entity, he is also four (kind of like the Trinity, only badass). The four great birds appear as dark and indistinct clouds of smoke, lightning, and flashing beaks, wings, and talons. They are a horror to look upon, and dwell in the pristine boreal forests of the Hamatsa Aerie. They are known as:

Galuxwadzuwus or Galugadza’yi

AKA The Crooked Beak Of Heaven

Presently enslaved by the Dreamspeaker Spirit Master Lelooska, the Crooked Beak of Heaven is often claimed (by the Wendigo, who are somewhat acquainted) to be the most fearsome of the foursome. The Beak of Heaven shatters reality where it breathes.


The Lesser Crooked Beak, stripper of flesh from bones and eater of foreheads

The Lesser Crooked Beak had been in the service of the Dreamspeaker Spirit Master Aul Sewide for 50 years when Aul Sewide was slain by Nathaniel Widdershins in collaboration with an elite team of supernaturals. The Lesser Beak then retreated to the Hamatsa Aerie, and proceeded onward into the Wendigo Homeland, where Nathaniel Widdershins and Kingfisher pursued. After a terrible and seemingly endless journal to the very heart of Winter, and tremendous personal sacrifice, this pair of Umbral warriors returned the Lesser Beak to the service of Gaia.

The Lesser Beak has a reputation as being the least of the Hamatsa, yet was still so vastly personally powerful as to make direct assault laughable – it is a force of nature. Winter, particularly.

Huxhukw or Huxhugwaxtawe

AKA “Splitter of Skulls”

(supernatural Crane-Like Bird who cracks skulls of men to suck out their brains)

Controlled by Shona-hah, Dreamspeaker Master of Spirit. Splitter of Skulls is utterly terrifying and a scourge on humanity, but is held to be less powerful than the Great Raven or the Beak of Heaven.


AKA The Great Raven At The North End of the World

(man-eating raven Supernatural bird, not the same as the Incarna Raven)

Controlled by Tsungani, the Great Raven is a distorted and macabre image of a great carrion bird, darker than the other Hamatsa in color and terrifying in its power. Held to be the equal of the Beak of Heaven, the Great Raven is the bird most closely associated with the cannibal giant himself. Ice and her followers were able to slay Tsungani and free the Great Raven, but were unable to control or influence it. It is not clear whether Great Raven today serves Wendigo or Unagilis.

The Hamatsa

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