The Compact

The Compact is a supernatural alliance formed in the 1950-60’s to protect the city of Victoria and specifically intended to destroy any visiting vampires or werewolves. The outspoken members of the Compact claim that actions by werewolves and vampires were the primary cause of problems throughout the rest of the world and also caused the Apocalypse. The fact that Victoria is paradisaical compared to most World of Darkness cities, and the fact that it emerged unscathed from the events of the Apocalypse, may actually lend credence to their claims.

Since the mid 20th century, the Compact has hunted and destroyed all werewolves or vampires who spend more than a few days in the city. The Prince of the city of Vancouver nearby has long sought an explanation, but his spies in the area were all destroyed.

The efficacy of the Compact comes from the collaboration of many different supernatural forces and use of very powerful spirit assassins – the Nulamal and more recently The Hamatsa. Their public face can be found in the persons of Teresa Rowan and Richard Randolph, the latter recently deceased. The major power behind the Compact is now known to be Unagilis.

The Compact is now nominally in control of Vancouver Island, no longer on Earth ( Victoria Unto Itself). However, Lady Catherine’s relationship to the rest of the Compact remains unclear, and now that its major goals are accomplished, the alliances that built the Compact may no longer be in place.

Leaders of the Compact include:

Unagilis and the four members of his cabal, Tsungani (deceased), Shona-hah, Lelooska, and Aul Sewide (deceased).

The Crusher of Men.

The Pugwis.

Teresa Rowan.

Richard Randolph (deceased)

Other members of the Compact include:

Three Qualmi. Lilith, the Qualmi (Rank Two). Two other male Qualmi are with her (Rank 1). Lillith has white-girl braids and slightly cat-like eyes.

Taylor – rank one Ratkin douche – sandy brown hair, medium height, preppie dress.

Five Ratkin dwelt at the Computer-O-Rama store and provided some support for the Compact. Tyler was a low-ranking peon. Clayton (rank 2), Dane (Rank 3 Engineer), and two more. Dane usually wore a strange aquatic helmet. He was very tall and nerdily authoritative. Clayton was just nerdy and nervous, although he sneered at Nathaniel somewhat. All five were killed by the Wendigo Tribe.

Three Corax: Andy St. Clair, Victor Wortham, Irma Campbell. Raven is attempting to remove them from the Compact now.

One Ananasi: Charlotte. Although she now has partial amnesia, Charlotte is an aggressive and terrifying supporter of the Compact, who has often handled assassination for them in the past. She could have taken a leadership role easily, but never chose to.

One Pumonca.

In terms of mages or wizards, in addition to the five Dreamspeakers and Teresa Rowan’s eight Verbena, there are two Cultists of Ecstasy, two Euthanatos, and Agnes Vogel of the Order of Hermes here serving the Compact.

One Gangrel Vampire exists in the territory of the Compact but has apparently never crossed their path: Itonkwa. Rhett Whirlington also lives under their noses in secret.

The Compact

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