Schenley Park

Schenley Park is a large municipal park located in Pittsburgh between the neighborhoods of Oakland, Greenfield, and Squirrel Hill. The park is made up of 300 acres (120 ha) donated by Mary Schenley in 1889 and another 120 acres (49 ha) that the city subsequently purchased from her. Another 36 acres (15 ha) were acquired at a later date, bringing the park’s total size to 456 acres (185 ha), and making it the second largest municipal park in Pittsburgh, behind Frick Park. Interestingly, the bawn of Panther Hollow Caern includes both parks, and the nearby Hazelwood Greenway, while the intermediate suburb of Greenfield, although not a caern itself, is among the least Wyrm-tainted areas of Pittsburgh

The park borders the campuses of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, and technically Carnegie Mellon University is actually within Schenley Park.

Panther Hollow Caern

The largest local caern in Pittsburgh, containing the Sept of Panther Hollow – a Rank Three caern of Will.


Long ago the caern is thought to have been held by the Pumonca and the Croatan in tandem, but the Silver Fangs claim the caern was abandoned when they took control in the late 1700’s.

The caern was embattled for most of the next two hundred years, acting as an aggressive front line against the Wyrm itself. Pentex and Garou conflicts spilled out repeatedly from this point but a disciplined stand by leaders of House Wyrmfoe and support from all tribes held the caern unconquered. During some of the worst periods of industrialization the caern did diminish in power, but it has rebounded each time.

Since the Apocalypse, Schenley Park has been controlled by the Steel Glove pack, a Silver Fang (and Glass Walker) pack devoted to the American Dream. Although their leadership has maintained and perhaps even expanded the strength of the caern, they no longer maintain the constant military vigilance once required in Panther Hollow.


The leader is Cornelia Guest, Silver Fang Adren Galliard
Isaac Templeton, Adren Glass Walker Ahroun
Edward (Carnegie) Miller, Adren Silver Fang Philodox
Laura Vanderbilt Cecil, Adren Silver Fang Theurge

Schenley Park

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