The Pugwis are an indigenous Changeling group on Vancouver Island, and have long been honored in the religion of the First Nations of the island (see Kwakiutl Mythology). There are an unknown number of them in and around the city of Victoria (at least eight), and their final motives are unclear. They are members of The Compact and appear to control the Nulamal.

Not long ago, Nathaniel Widdershins called the number for the Pugwis he found in the stolen cell phone of Richard Randolph. He gets the Victoria Conservancy of Music – secretary Meredith. He leaves a message for Meredith’s boss to meet him at Beacon Hill Park in front of the totem pole immediately. Sure enough, very shortly a clean-cut clean-shaven man in a business suit with pale skin (a Glamour) arrives, speaking with a Pugwis voice. He and Nathaniel banter about reality – the Pugwis asserts that all reality is a lie, but that the reality they have made in Victoria through The Compact is “the best lie.” He says even if Unagilis is tricking them, it is for their own good and for the best. He cannot see the Wyrm-Taint Nathaniel tries to show him (he sees Fae reality/the Dreaming, not the Umbra). Nathaniel tells him that the god Wendigo/Baxwbakwalanuksiwe’ has been trapped by Unagilis; the Pugwis not only doesn’t believe him, he says it is impossible for a mortal to chain a god. Nathaniel has sworn an oath in front of the Pugwis to free Baxbalanuxsewe. The Pugwis leaves, telling him that he finds him interesting now.






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