Hamatsa Aerie

The home of The Hamatsa.

Unagilis dwells in a place of absurd pristine beauty, a forest of towering spruce in which the air is so crystal-clear that one can see further than is normally possible and breath effortlessly. In this place, a canyon of epic proportions, deeply cragged and forested, nest the Hamatsa themselves, in all their natural glory. This is the Hamatsa Aerie. Etched into the cliff wall are petroglyphs that may or may not have something to do with controlling the Hamatsa birds. From a cleft in a great tree, a path doth wind (an Airt) back to the meeting place of the Compact. This is the path that Unagilis and the Hamatsa travel from the Aerie to the Penumbra and back. Unagilis is a Master an Oracle of Spirit and is not bound by the walls of reality.

Back in the woods, away from the cliff-edge, a hand-built cabin rests. Well-appointed and tastefully decorated, rugs adorn the floors and simple hand-hewn furniture (including a desk with papers and writing utensils) fill the space. There are only two rooms; a tiny bedroom and a broad living space with an iron wood-burning stove, chairs, the desk, a table, and a few hanging craft items (pottery, carvings, a spear). The cabin is raised a few feet off the ground.

Although the Hamatsa Aerie is connected to the Penumbral Glen where the Compact meets (and indirectly to the Lost Trod), it can also be used as a path further on – specifically, to the Wendigo Homeland.

Hamatsa Aerie

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