Mythic Engine World of Darkness

In Which A Bad Guy Loses His Head

Tony Is An Idiot

In game time, October 6, a Wednesday.

Ten supernatural allies meet in their favorite Southside bar, the Wayward Son. The owner, Virginia of the Silver Fangs (a wealthy Philodox), and her long-time employee Fitz (of the Fianna, an occult-loving Ragabash) are hosting a final acrimonious meeting to prepare for an upcoming peace agreement brokered by Tony, their reliable, upbeat, irritating idiot Get Ahroun. Virginia and Fitz bring along their recently formed pack of the Totem Moose, with the bristling mechanic Raw Wind (Black Fury Ahroun, AKA Karen), the mysterious Terra (a Qualmi conservation biologist), and Charlie, a young Corax courier and ritualist. Along with Tony, three other friends participate in the discussion. Sarah Ann, Steam Train, and Saul.

At Tony’s devoted urging the young pack commits to the peace process. Their erstwhile enemies are the Hill District Gang, a large group of vampires and urban werewolves that control the eastern central portion of Pittsburgh, a short distance east of downtown and the Golden Triangle of Wyrm-Corrupted industry and commerce.

The meeting takes place in the empty space adjacent to the fountains at Point State Park, where it is easy to observe enemies coming and the Garou cannot easily summon allies from the Umbra nor escape there. Although tense as Fitz recently killed a member of the Hill Street Gang and took a trophy, the apparent leader of the gang, Carlos agrees to peace. He says only that he has bigger problems with “fucking mutants.”

Shortly after this success, one of his two men (Juan, of Juan and Rodrigo) begins to tremble and then horrifically erupt into a visceral, plunging mouth and jaws. Although the thing is quick, an immediate and concerted assault culminating in a sniper bullet to the head lays it out quickly. Carlos, visibly shaken (and shaking, at least in the hands) has drawn a revolver (technically a peace process violation but hey, so was the sniper rifle) and empties the clip into Juan’s body. Angry and afraid, Carlos admits this is not the first time he’s seen this, but refuses to be more specific. He agrees under duress to contact the characters if he sees this again. Carlos agrees to stay in contact with Fitz and Tony regarding safe passage through one another’s territory.

While attempting to leave, Carlos and Rodrigo are intercepted by six more of those things, and another six emerge from the woods to the north. They surround his car and then begin to lift and tip it, revealing inhuman strength and durability (he hits them with the car to little effect). Terra tackles and maims the first to raise the car, and Charlie unleashes his Sun fetish on the next two, driving them back. Raw Wind, Fitz, and Tony arrive. Fitz tears off the head of one of the creatures, apparently killing it, while three others nearly kill Tony and Raw Wind in seconds after a catastrophic error. Virginia’s timely arrival with the van saves the pack, and they unload their guns into the fast-chasing monstrosities as they drive away.

Safe at The Wayward Son, Tony’s clueless summary of the situation reveals that he doesn’t fully understand the possible implications. The rest of the pack decides to pursue their contacts with local Southside Bone Gnawers and Glasswalkers to determine more information about these parasitic enemies of the Hill District Gang.


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