Elder Prince of Vancouver


The vampiric Prince of Vancouver, Siegfried is a powerful Elder of the former Ventrue Clan. His age and power are unknown, but are believed to be tremendous, perhaps placing him among the most potent vampire survivors of the Apocalypse. Most Elders of the Ventrue were destroyed when their Founder rose in Iran – either rushing to the Founder and being consumed, or killing themselves in an endless frenzy starting the moment It rose. No one has explained why Siegfried was not affected.

His stable rule includes a Court of many vampires from the Camarilla and a number of independents. He maintains close connections with local Garou of the Silver Fang and Glasswalker tribes.

When a Gangrel Methuselah rose from Simon Fraser University, Siegfried lost many followers including his lover, but himself survived. Many believe Siegfried defeated the Ancient One, but he does not speak about the subject.


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