Mythic Engine World of Darkness

Swords and Castles

After the war council and Raven’s report, our heroes lounge about in Craigdarroch Castle, discussing their options. They know that they are expected to pursue the last unaccounted-for of The Hamatsa bird (Splitter of Skulls) and Archmage (Shona-hah), but are not well-prepared to do so, since the more powerful and numerous Wendigo Tribe and Welsh Fianna have departed.

Realizing that they may have serious opposition from the Dreaming side, now that they have left Earth, our heroes ask Baron Ailil for weapons. He provides Glamoured weapons: a rapier to Nathaniel (Mankiller, Faetouched Blade of the Eldritch Era, inscribed along its edge), a butterfly throwing knife for Raven (apparently vividly alive), and a heavy raw-looking metal meat cleaver (too heavy to lift for a mortal) to Joseph. Each, he claims, will grievously wound the Fae, and will function normally against the mortal.

They discuss options with Itonkwa and Samuel the ghoul. The Baron, Tristin, and Fergus are all present. Itonkwa experiences the revelation that he is no longer subject to harm by the sun. Upon recovering, he tells them that this could actually be bad news… not because of him, but because his former master Meleagaunt is also infected. If the effect on Meleagaunt is the same, he may soon be awakened by the hunger, only to find that he can walk in the daylight again – he will be “like a god,” says Itonkwa. Hopefully this is hyperbole.

There is some brief discussion of what happens if you bring a dead thing – a vampire – into Arcadia. The Baron claims it is a place of life where nothing dies. He is very worried about the implications.

They take a short side trip to the Luxton Fair, where they meet the Glen and the president Ray of the Vancouver Island Blacksmithing organization, and purchase all of their iron.

Joseph proves that Samuel can be taken into the Umbra, with only moderate difficulty. It may be possible to take ghoul troops, courtesy of Rhett, into future conflicts.

A rumbling noise cues them into a new major change in Victoria. Over the heart of the city, a fog rises – Raven, rising above, keeps her people informed – and then an enormous, impossible castle rises. Lady Catherine has come back into her power. A troop of knights rides almost instantly from the new castle to Craigdarroch, and their leader, Roland, demands politely that Joseph depart from the “Queen’s Domain,” and that the Baron either depart or swear fealty. He then returns from whence he came.

Nathaniel flees into the Umbra rather than risk a direct command from Catherine. He elects to return to the Lost Trod, pass Jealous Galen and the Gremlins, and enter The World Tree.


Grayswandir Grayswandir

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