Mythic Engine World of Darkness

Raven's Solo Mission

Gowlland Tod is full of Things

Raven successfully meets with Sylvester Orchard, her old friend, and convinces him that she is not corrupted by evil and that the Compact is using the Hamatsa as weapons against innocents (she vomits the eyeball of one of its victims for him). He apologizes for doubting her. She fills him in on basically everything except for any Fae details. He says he will spread the word to non-Compact Corax and they will have a Parliament tomorrow (the 18th, in game).

She then goes a-spying in Gowlland Tod. She finds evidence of the Hamatsa landing on the two peaks on the west side of the park. She finds a forest of 30 foot tall plus mushrooms with butterfly-winged black cougars crawling about inside… She finds an area blasted flat and empty, trees standing bare and dead, with a large humanoid figure standing in the center – possibly a giant Green Man, but she isn’t sure.

She then finds the Crusher of Men, sees him meet with Charlotte (they discuss post-Unagilis continuation of The Plan, should this fail), and then meets with him herself in a bid to convert him. He makes it clear that he supports the Compact for essentially spiritual reasons (he comes across like a nature bodhisattva), and the elimination of non-Native humanity because they are not a part of this land. He says it is his people’s role to protect the land.


Grayswandir Grayswandir

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