Mythic Engine World of Darkness

9 PM Sept 16, 2010 (in game). 6 days until the Fall Equinox. The 22nd at 8:23.

Previous Session (before War Council)

Meeting with Rhett in one hour at the coffee house.
Meeting with Banson. He says the Fianna will attempt to deal with the Dragon, and would be willing to hunt one of the Archmages.
Call Teresa – talk to her – she did not call back. She agrees with Unagilis and will not switch sides.
Call Ice – she is in super angry mode. The Wendigo agree to participate in the overarching plan.
Meet with Rhett. He has many helpful suggestions and indicates that his forces will provide support if events go down in Victoria. He also says he hasn’t needed nearly as much sleep lately.
Red Talons are coming down, fetched by the Stormcrow. Turns out all of Vancouver Island is drifting into the Umbra.
They sleep and it is now Sept 17th.


Grayswandir Grayswandir

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