This is the home of the many campaigns of the Mythic Engine World of Darkness.

A sandbox-style campaign world used by many Storytellers, the Mythic Engine world differs from the Classic or Old World of Darkness in being driven actively by the living mythology of many cultures, and particularly by Native American and Celtic beliefs. To a greater extent than in cWoD, Indigenous peoples and the spiritual entities known to many Indigenous peoples have an active role in shaping play. They are never merely backdrops or tools for the characters.

Similarly, forces from within The Dreaming are treated as influential on real-world events, and are not merely ephemeral – Fae are a serious threat and power and remain so throughout the End Times. Werewolves (and other werecreatures), Vampires, and Mages are the great supernatural powers and most players favor those. By contrast, Hunters and Demons do not make any significant appearance in the Mythic Engine setting.

Historical events in the American Revolution , the American Frontier, and during the 1904 World’s Fair all differ slightly from those in the Real World or the cWoD, contributing to a somewhat different world by the end of the 20th century.

In the Mythic Engine World, the Garou Apocalypse was partially averted circa 2003, resulting in a very different world after that period. See the Apocalypse for details.

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Mythic Engine World of Darkness

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