Victoria Chronicle 2

Seattle’s Best

After the crisis in the Northwest Coast of North America in September 2010, forces converge on the cities of Seattle and Vancouver, suddenly the nexus of fate for the entire world. The best operatives of the Garou Nation, the Technocracy, the New Promise Mandarinate, the Court of Siegfried, and many others rush into the fray, yet the menace only seems to grow.


Eli Anders
Blair Astor
Simon Gregor Chanofsky
Maralah (Mara)
Special Agent Kitari Tama

Seattle/Vancouver Area Spirituality

Northwest Coast Dark Umbra
Pike Place Caern

Important Seattle/Vancouver Locations

Allen Institute
Living Shangri-La
Lotus Kirimi
Olympic Peninsula
Pike Place Market
Union Station

Important Seattle/Vancouver Area Factions
FBI Seattle
Garou Nation
New Promise Mandarinate
Northwest Coast Uktena
United Chord

Important Seattle/Vancouver Area People and Entities
Paul Allen
Ancestor Xuan Wu
Joseph Chambers
Sterling Gonzalo
Charles Grandian
Dr. Ava Hamilton
Kira Hong
Laurie Hwang
Michael Lachkanam
Sylvester Orchard
George S’Hai-ak
Jay Taglieri
Peter Ungaro
Walks in Shadows

Summary of the Situation, November 2010

After the events of the Victoria Chronicle (see the Victoria Finale), the Wendigo Homeland is under assault, and if it falls, Wendigo himself and the Wendigo Tribe both fall to the Wyrm, probably giving the forces of Darkness an army (the Nulamal), a set of heavy weapons ( The Hamatsa) and a new Tribe to begin a second Apocalypse. The prophet Raven spreads the story far and wide, but since she is a known murderer of kin and consorts with the corrupt, few trust her message.

The horrendous plague known as Victorious has passed, and the residents of the largest intact urban landscape in North America – the Seattle and Vancouver metroplex – try to rebuild. A growing eerie feeling haunts the streets at night as the dead of the Northwest Coast Dark Umbra leak through the walls of the cities.

While Raven leads the Corax of the Northwest Coast and attempts to garner aid for the Wendigo disaster, dishonored Shadowlord Joseph Chambers must clear his name of his failure or his own people will have him assassinated. Walks in Shadows seeks to protect Joseph and speaks in his favor at every moot, yet events circle around Joseph, Raven, and their erstwhile companions Nathaniel Widdershins and Charlotte. United Chord and its powerful allies seek the truth, but as many factions enter the region no one’s agenda is clear, and a terrible destiny approaches. We have not yet found the last of Victoria’s Secrets…

Victoria Chronicle 2

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