Since the partial devastation of Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa during the averted Apocalypse, Vancouver now ranks as Canada’s largest surviving city, more than double the size of the next largest cities – Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta.

Like World of Darkness Seattle, WoD Vancouver is a more dense and hostile place than in the real world. With a surviving urban population of just under 3 million (after the most recent Victorious plague during the Victoria Finale), the city is one of the more economically powerful and stable urban centers in North America. Vancouver is near a large surrounding wild environment in British Columbia and also hosts one of the world’s most economically important ports.

The other major urban centers of Seattle and Victoria combine with Vancouver into one of the most intact pre-disaster urban landscapes on Earth. Total populations in some of the major Asian cities surpass the Vancouver-Seattle metroplex, but physical damage to the infrastructure and architecture was greater in most of those places. A three hour drive separates downtown Seattle from downtown Vancouver, but the small to mid-size cities of Everett, Maryville, Mt. Vernon, and Bellingham dot the north/south Interstate 5 / Canadian Highway 99, totaling an additional population of 500,000 people.

The supernatural world thrives in Vancouver for unusual reasons. A powerful vampire has made his home there for many decades: Prince Siegfried. Siegfried is nominally of the Ventrue Clan, but has been independent of the Camarilla for years. The collapse of the Camarilla Clan system following the rise of the Antediluvians means that he is even less connected to their influence than he was before.

Siegfried has forged alliances with the Garou Nation and holds an uneasy peace with them. As a result a relatively stable population of established vampires exists here, which is quite unusual in the present world. Many Garou outside of Vancouver are mistrustful of the local (quite large) werewolf population, due to their suspicious peace with Siegfried.

During the barely-averted Apocalypse, a Methuselah rose from torpor in the Vancouver area. Most of Siegfried’s upper-ranking followers met their Final Deaths during the resulting conflict and no eye-witnesses are known to exist, but the rumor is that Siegfried himself slew the Ancient One, essentially saving the vampire population (and perhaps the entire city). Siegfried does not talk about it and is in open mourning for the loss of his long term romantic partner during the conflict.


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