United Chord

A major international aid agency based in Seattle. Its CEO is Laura Newman. United Chord is best known today for coordinating the international response to the Victorious epidemic. In the human world, United Chord is an admired company internationally, although with a sullied reputation within the population of the United States due to its political ties and sympathies outside. They do, however, often collaborate with the FBI.

In the supernatural world, Chord is known as an employer of assassins and as a deadly enemy to make. They have the reputation for being the destroyers of the “Demon of Dallas” during the Apocalypse (thought to be a Methuselah Vampire), and more recently the Guadalajara Nephandus, among other lesser threats. Their aggressive opposition to Pentex is a factor in the decline of that company, although only one of many.

United Chord employs a rotating cast of supernatural contractors, and is known for their willingness to employ both mages and werecreatures.

18 Children of Gaia have full-time employment through the Seattle main office, including CEO Laura Newman. These make up the command staff of the corporation, but are also all field agents, for certain obvious reasons.

Hundreds of human employees, some of which are “in the know,” are also employed by United Chord and operate out of the same building.

Chord can pull in many more Children of Gaia if needed, as it is now the coordinating force for the entire tribe in the Americas. Laura Newman can, with a cell phone call, summon as many as 50 Garou in under an hour. By calling in favors, she can also call in strike forces from the Get of Fenris and the Technocracy, as long as it is in their interests.

United Chord

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