The Apocalypse caused great spiritual turmoil throughout the Umbra, leading to tremendous confusion about the totems to have survived. Here is a brief summary of changes.

Apparently Destroyed in the Apocalypse:

The American Dream, disappeared during the Apocalypse, believed slain by Knight Entropy and Thurifuge, Incarnae of Consumption and Apathy
All the City Fathers/Mothers (not confirmed)
Bat (of the Wyrm), Eaten by Great Uktena
Dana, destroyed killing Set
Dark Fungus (of the Wyrm), killed by the Technocracy
Great Fenris, died with its jaws locked around the throat of the Wyrm itself
Green Dragon (of the Wyrm), slain by Griffin
Griffin (slew Green Dragon; poisoned)
Herne, the Hunter, killed by The Hellbringer, Incarna of Violence – signs of rebirth have been seen
Lady Aife, Incarna of Cruelty (of the Wyrm), killed by Wendigo
Lion, killed by Lord Steel, Incarna of Hatred
Old Wolf of the Woods, killed by The Nameless Angel of Despair, Incarna of Despair
Owl, of the Wyrm following the fall of the Hungry Ghosts, eaten by Great Uktena
Queen Ananasa, apparently reabsorbed by the Weaver
Rattlesnake, destroyed killing Set
Scarab, killed by Lady Aife, Incarna of Cruelty, as part of the fall of the Hungry Ghosts

Weakened or Wounded in the Apocalypse:

Empress Aliara, Incarna of Desire (of the Wyrm)
Falcon (terribly wounded by Whipporwill and Lord Steel)
The Honorable Maine duBois, Incarna of Lies (of the Wyrm)
Lord Choke, Incarna of Smog (of the Wyrm)
Lord Collum, Incarna of Sludge (of the Wyrm)
O’ Mighty Dolla’
Relshab, the Faceless Eater (of the Wyrm)
Wendigo (presently under attack)
Whipporwill (almost killed by Falcon)

Strengthened by the Apocalypse:

Clashing Boom-Boom
Grandfather Thunder
Great Uktena (wounded, but now recovered, having absorbed Bat and Owl)
Lord Steel, Incarna of Hatred (of the Wyrm)
The Hellbringer, Incarna of Violence (of the Wyrm) – absorbed Herne
Kirijama the Hidden Foe (of the Wyrm)
Machine Messiah (of the Weaver)
Nameless Angel of Despair, Incarna of Despair (of the Wyrm), consumed the Old Wolf of the Woods

Indigenous Totems of the Victoria Chronicle

Natives of Vancouver Island have some local totem spirits available to choose from, drawn from Kwakiutl Mythology

Winalagalis – 8 point totem of War – Grants the gift Resist Pain, +1 brawl, +1 melee, +1 Soak Dice.
Ban: Followers cannot fight during the winter season. If they must, they are at a -1 penalty to all rolls, or must abandon the totem (who will not take them back).

Kumugwe – 4 point totem – Grants the gift Salmon Swim. +1 to Resources.

Dzunuḵʼwa – 7 point totem – Grants Luck (reroll 1 botch per day) and 1 bonus Health Level.
Ban: All followers must be cruel to children to prepare them for a life of suffering.

Red Snapper (Xwixwi) – 5 point totem of Cunning. Followers gain the gift Spirit of the Fish.
Ban: Eat no fish.

Salmon – 5 point totem of wisdom – Each pack member gains the Gifts: Spirit Speech and Salmon Swim. In addition, all tests involving Enigmas are at -1.
Ban: Packs must do their best to protect & honor other non-wyrm spirits. They must never refuse a call for aid from a Gaian Spirit.

Whale – 10 point totem of war – Followers gain a +3 to Intimidate and a +1 to Strength, as well as the Gift Song of the Great Beast (Rank 5). This may only be used on the seas, not on land, and will summon a whale to the user.
Ban: One great beast of the Wyrm must be slain per year, or the whale will come for you.


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