The World Tree

On the Lost Trod, a path through the faerie Dreaming, if one takes the path to its apparent conclusion, beyond the deadly guardianship of Jealous Galen, one reaches the World Tree.

The tree’s bulk was sky-spanning, horizon-covering, and enormous, and its surface was pocked with hundreds of tiny glass windows in neat carved frames. As the trod approached the tree, a summer-warm pond with cattails, dragonflies, and lily pads stood off to the side of the clearing that opened before them, framed by the two-story-tall roots of the great Ash. An attractive circular door with decorative carvings, opening into the tree itself, awaited them.

When the characters entered the clearing, literally hundreds of Gremlins spilled out from the windows and the door. Rather than engage, they fled back the way they came.

Galen’s curse and exile is somehow tied to the tree, but Nathaniel never chose to further investigate.

The World Tree

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