In 2010, the Technocracy is the dominant force of Magick on the planet Earth.

In Seattle

Technocratic operations have expanded heavily into the Seattle and Vancouver areas since the early 1990’s. Microsoft’s rise to power drew a great deal of money (and paradigm control) to the region. Notably, Paul Allen‘s break with Microsoft and rise within Iteration X allowed him to found Vulcan Incorporated (in collaboration with members of the Syndicate) and then use the money from there to fund the construction of the Allen Institute, which today houses advance projects of both Iteration X and the Progenitors in more or less peaceful coexistence. Allen’s relative independence is both a boon and an irritation to the rest of the organization; he is friendly to the Syndicate and suspicious of the New World Order. Not quite Rogue, Allen is under constant surveillance by NWO agents.

In The World

Events in the Apocalypse greatly harmed their operations, particularly damaging their operations in Phoenix, near Los Angeles, and other major bases of technology. Yet all in all they survived the conflict better than most, and their weapons proved to be among the most effective in defeating the creatures that attacked Earth at that time. The Technocracy mostly does not talk about what happened, but will talk about “Reality Deviation” and “Alien Invasions” to explain if pressed. Their use of nuclear weapons and “spirit nukes,” while offensive to the Garou Nation, nevertheless stopped some of the worst fiends.

With a rising Machine Intellect in Houston, Texas, the growing machine city of Neo-Phoenix, and their advanced research facilities of San Francisco / San Jose, Seattle, and Vancouver, in the Americas the Technocracy’s geographic emphasis is now increasingly on southern and western North America.


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