Phoenix Chronicle

The Phoenix Chronicle is an epic of the Garou composed in 2004 by Laura Newman, highest-ranking Galliard of the Children of Gaia to survive the Apocalypse, with collaboration from Galliards from all surviving tribes. This epic summarizes the events which allowed the slaying of Set and the Eater of Souls, permitting the Gaian Victory at the end of days.


Phoenix Chronicle Events, Factions, Groups, Locations, and Important Entities

Battle of Germany
Battle of Phoenix
Eater of Souls
Phoenix Caern of Visions
Rite of Still Skies
Storm Eater
Uktena Tribal Council

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The Story of the Phoenix Chronicle

To summarize the plot, we must begin at the beginning, with the drawing together of Laura’s comrades. In 1995-1996, the totem Incarna Dana entangled herself willingly in the destinies of the lost totem Incarna Rattlesnake, his avatar Draco, the city of Phoenix, and five very odd Cliath Garou.

Based on the confused narrative of the Get twins Grunt and Crimson Moon, who only poorly remember their early lives, the Incarna Dana may have directly intervened and physically moved them from an origin somewhere to Europe to the Phoenix Caern of Visions – an otherwise almost completely unprecedented act for the reticent and evasive spirit.

At almost the same moment, Silver Night arrived in Phoenix, seeking revenge for the murder of his older brother, and tracking his murderer – Draco. Also at that moment, a young hippie musician named Laura Newman Changed, broke up violently with her boyfriend Glasswalker Eric, wandered out of her comfortable college campus, and out into the desert to seek enlightenment among the “natives.”

This coincidence was largely lost on the four young Cliath, but not to the newly-risen Elder of the Caern and of the Uktena locally, Reads Signs Clearly. He foresaw something of destiny acting, and assigned to them his own semi-adopted son Indigo Sky, a shy and untested Peace Maker of an incredibly ancient lineage (whose own parents were also murdered by Draco).

When Dana adopted them on their very first attempt with almost no preparations or offerings made, Reads Signs Clearly knew he had correctly read the signs. As usual.

However, it soon became clear that Draco could also read those signs.

Over the next year, driven by a desire for revenge as well as many attempts to silence the young pack permanently, the Phoenix Pack became the key to the mystery of the Phoenix Caern of Visions: Why had it suddenly and dramatically expanded in size? The eventual answer was more complex than any had anticipated other than Dana herself.

Looking back from after the Apocalypse, we now know that without the actions of the Phoenix Pack, the Storm Eater would have broken free from the Rite of Still Skies, consuming what was left of Rattlesnake and Draco in the process, and presumably would have ushered in a wave of destruction across the American West. This is widely held to be the plan of the Wyrm itself or at least the Eater of Souls; an ambitious attempt to start the End of Days a few years early.

In trapping the Storm Eater again, the Phoenix Pack were unwittingly saving themselves the weapon they would need seven years later.

In stopping the plan of the Storm Eater, they also freed Draco of being directly controlled by the Wyrm, and as Draco is the living will of the lost Incarna Rattlesnake, Draco’s renewal as a Gaian Avatar allowed the rebirth and reawakening of Rattlesnake. Draco’s long-lost Ventrue sire was surprisingly instrumental in restoring some of Draco’s lost Humanity and cutting his puppet strings, when the ancient Ventrue gave his own life to ritually break the blood-ties controlling his Childe. Draco, of course, was also necessary seven years later.

The actions of this pack would also lead to one of the only alliances between members of the Garou Nation and the Technocracy, which resulted, again, in significant tactical advantages to the Gaian side seven years later.

The pack was not without its missteps, however, and Laura Newman faithfully recorded the near-fall and corruption of Crimson Moon, the soul-splintering bargain of Indigo Sky, the madness of Silver Night, the accidental freeing of the terrible Black Spiral Hero Fights Forever by Grunt (causing the deaths of more than 20 other Garou), and finally the clear hindsight realization that the pack indirectly caused the death of Earth, the last Elder Stargazer in the Americas.

The Phoenix Chronicle ostensibly ends with the defeat of Draco and sealing of the Storm Eater. A postscript plot arc details the reunion of the original Phoenix pack, their plan to rehabilitate the Storm Eater, and their eventual success in turning the Storm Eater against Set and possibly saving the world a second time.

Indigo and Grunt died in the Battle of Phoenix, which is recorded in the Phoenix Chronicle. Silver Night was destroyed shortly thereafter via direct nuclear strike, which is not recorded but is often mentioned at tellings of the Chronicle. Galliards often claim this is evidence of the direct wrath of the Wyrm against the five companions.

Now in 2010, Crimson Moon and Laura Newman still live. Crimson Moon dwells in Germany, supporting (and many say controlling) the failing regime of Golgol Fangs First, ranking leader of the Get of Fenris tribe, in his apparently immortal madness.

Laura Newman is head of Children of Gaia operations in the Americas, and is considered a likely successor for control of the Tribe.

Phoenix Chronicle

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