Laura Newman

Laura Newman (known reluctantly as Starlight Salvation), healer, guitarist, assassin, is the best-known living Galliard on Earth, head of American operations for the reorganized Children of Gaia tribe after the Apocalypse, and CEO of a major international contracting/aid agency (United Chord). Her composition of the Phoenix Chronicle is considered her greatest legacy. She is also known for her role in negotiating the Garou Alliance during the early Apocalypse with Silver Night and their allies, for her high-profile attacks (legal and murderous) on Pentex operatives and vampires in the years leading up to the Apocalypse, for her central part in the defeat of Draco in 1996, and finally for providing crucial support necessary to win the Battle of Phoenix. Her employees are told upon hiring that the boss “saved the world twice and doesn’t have time for your bullshit.”

Laura was considered warm and friendly during her Cliath days, but is a stern and foreboding figure today, despite her relatively young age (still under 40), having seen so many of those she loved fall in battle. This would include her old pack-mates Rattles the Sky, Silver Night, and “Grunt” Stonethrower, as well as her friend, ex-boyfriend, and corporate colleague Glasswalker Eric, the elders who trained her, and many, many others.

Although she remains friends with Crimson Moon, their relationship cannot be described as warm. She also retains strong contacts in the Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, and unusual among Garou, with certain members of the Technocracy. Because of her prominence in New World Garou politics, her attitude has affected broad non-urban tribal policy towards these tribes and the Technocracy in a positive way. In 2010, the Garou and Technocracy are in a state of semi-official non-aggression due largely to Laura’s labors.

Laura Newman’s importance in the 1996 defeat of Draco has been connected to prophecy made by Earth and Reads Signs Clearly, that indicated she would save them. A combination of her healing abilities and a star-shaped scar on both her hands (caused by an Umbral Silver burn on Draco’s Umbral train line) allowed Laura to directly interact with the newly arising Storm Eater, defeating it and preventing its escape. This is the origin of her much-disliked Garou appellation.

Laura’s importance in the 2003 Battle of Phoenix was unique: in all the history of the Garou, no other leader had ever arranged to have Technocracy Hit Mark support openly provided. These deadly killing machines were unleashed on the battlefield to great effect, and high-powered tactical Magickal devices were also employed directly against strategic battlefield targets. Laura herself also directed arms and ammunition supply to all troops, provided kinfolk rifle-corps covering fire, and wielded a silver sniper rifle to deadly effect. She glowed as the sun during much of the battle. She almost avenged the deaths of Grunt and Reads Signs Clearly when she sank a bullet into Walks Long Paths during his escape. When needed, she also provided assistance during the ritual to break and modify the Rite of Still Skies.

Laura’s guitar, sniper rifle, business suits, and bullet-proof vest are known to all be fetish items made by Silver Night during his time as the great architect of spirit-craft, with help from his caern-mates and Rattles the Sky.

Garou whisper that she is a dangerous and ruthless political enemy to make, and that only the most foolish Ahroun would dare to challenge her today.

Laura Newman

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