Garou Nation

In 2010, the Garou Nation is in a sorry state. Although victorious during the Apocalypse, and memorably in the Battle of Germany and Battle of Phoenix, today their power is greatly diminished compared to their accustomed power.

First, the Silent Strider tribe fell in 2003, becoming the Hungry Ghosts and then evidently all perishing in Phoenix. The Stargazer tribe first withdrew to Asia, and now may be all dead. The Red Talon tribe, already tiny in numbers, threw itself into the battle so thoroughly that only scattered handfuls are known to exist.

The Garou’s alliance has fallen apart. Although Queen Tamara Tvarivich of Silver Fang Clan Crescent Moon is still nominally the “Queen” of the Garou, each tribe has returned to its homelands to nurse their wounds. Bickering has resumed, with struggles over abandoned caerns now commonplace, and bloodshed between tribes that so recently stood together has already begun. The Wendigo have completely withdrawn, and no one in the rest of the Garou Nation has communicated with them in months. With the almost complete elimination of the Silent Striders, Stargazers, and Red Talons, and the 25-50% or more mortality rate in all other tribes, the Garou nation is literally at half strength.

Notwithstanding the continued dominance of the Silverfangs, the Shadowlords and Uktena earned enormous prestige for their role in the last battles, and so now dominate huge areas of Eurasia and North America respectively. Withdrawal of European Garou from about a quarter of the caerns of North America has allowed the Uktena a geographic breadth they have not known since the 1500’s… but they do not have the personnel to handle it all. A similar situation has occurred in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, with Shadowlord geographic expansion outpacing their numbers. High losses among traditionally strong tribes like the Fianna, Black Furies, and Get of Fenris are largely responsible. The Silver Fangs, Wendigo, Get of Fenris, Black Furies, and Fianna are now down to half their previous numbers or less, due to their front-line role in the apocalyptic battles.

The greatest centers of Bone Gnawer and Glasswalker population were all destroyed when the cities of humanity self-destructed. Although similarly afflicted, most of the Children of Gaia are rallying under the banner of United Chord and Laura Newman, and despite being diminished are focused in their actions.

Only the Shadowlords and Uktena are arguably in a “better” position after the almost-end, with their territorial expansion and the clear increase in the strength of their patron Totems.

Garou Nation

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