Eater of Souls

The Eater of Souls is one of the three heads of the Wyrm itself. Generally, the Eater of Souls acts indirectly, and is responsible for the greed, gluttony, and lust of humanity. Thus it is one of the great forces driving humanity to ruin, and Gaia with them.

In the hundreds of years building towards the Apocalypse, according to Garou belief, the Eater of Souls manifested on earth twice. The first time was during the dawning of the Age of Discovery, when the orgy of greed created by the Conquistadors and early colonists allowed it entrance to the New World. The sacrifice of the Croatan tribe and the totem Turtle drove it out of Earth.

The second time, the Eater of Souls took the body it had been preparing for 6000 years – the God-Vampire Set. After annihilating its homeland, it came to Phoenix, Arizona, where it was defeated during the Battle of Phoenix as the conclusion of the Phoenix Chronicle. The Garou believe the fall of the Eater of Souls was crucial in the Gaian Victory.

Since the destruction of Set and presumed banishment of the Eater of Souls, there has been no direct evidence of the Eater of Souls on Earth. Scholars among the Garou have debated, repeatedly, why Rattles the Sky was able to do what he did, when it took the entire Croatan tribe the time before. The following are popular theories, and supporters of the three theories have occasionally come to blows arguing which was most important:

1. The Eater of Souls had to accept the weaknesses of the body it chose when it accepted the strengths. All the vast power of the eternal vampire still possessed the weakness of a heart pierced by wood.

2. The total sacrifice of Rattles the Sky, Rattlesnake and his physical avatar Draco, the totem Dana, the Archmage Jack, the Gurahl Roark and Corax Lynn, “Grunt” Stonethrower, Reads Signs Clearly, the fetish bow of He-Who-Wears-Human-Heads-As-Earrings, and the hundreds of Garou that fell in battle that day in Phoenix, counted as a sacrifice similar to that of the Croatan.

3. The Storm Eater was so absurdly powerful and so inherently designed for the destruction of reality, that even in its weakened state, fired as a weapon against Set, it had annihilating power that nearly nothing else on Earth could achieve.

Eater of Souls

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