Battle of Phoenix

Under the direct leadership of Elder Rattles the Sky guiding the Uktena Tribal Council, the Garou army at the Phoenix Caern of Visions awaited the prophecy of the Un-God that came to end them. Upon the arrival of Set, held to be the vessel of the Eater of Souls and thus one third of the Wyrm itself, the collected might of the Uktena tribe and its many allies threw itself against the nightmarish armies of the Hungry Ghosts, once known as the Silent Striders, and the awful monsters they had brought along.

The skies burned and hordes of shrieking giant bats filled the air. More than 200 feet up the air boiled with furious, flesh-stripping winds. Phoenix was in flames. Set approached like a tornado of blood and fire, and ahead of him marched horror.

Hungry Ghost Ahroun Elder Walks With Might was slain in single combat with “Grunt” Stonethrower, who in turn was assassinated by Walks Long Paths. Crimson Moon did battle with Cahlash Unholy Vizier, an Elder of the Bubasti also turned to the Wyrm, striking her down by crashing a flaming giant bat into her face. Silver Night, the Archmage Jack, Reads Signs Clearly, and Rattles the Sky conducted a ritual under the guidance of Rattlesnake’s Avatar Draco. This ritual serves to reverse and repurpose the Rite of Still Skies and culminated in the sacrifice of Draco. Jack burned himself to ashes in the fury of his magical efforts to prevent avalanches of burning sand and blood from sweeping away the ritual. Silver Night’s greatest fetish klaive, Dead Heart, threw fear into the approaching hordes when their Garou defenders were finally swept away after the final deaths of Grunt, Roark, and Lynn, and the mortal wounding of Reads Signs Clearly, but was lost when Silver Night sank the sword into the very flesh of the totem Bat, leading to its fall and consumption by the jaws of the totem Uktena. Silver Night was scarred to his dying day and left unconscious.

The Storm Eater was turned against Set.

Reads Signs Clearly was mortally wounded standing back-to-back with Rattles the Sky as Sky aimed his final blow; he lived only an hour past the battle.

Rattles the Sky was utterly annihilated in the moment he struck, but he struck true.

The victory went to the Uktena.

The defeat of the Antediluvian Set at the Phoenix Caern of Visions by a multi-tribal alliance led by the Uktena is held to be one of the major lynchpins of the Gaian Victory. This was accomplished in large part through the breaking of the Rite of Still Skies and the redirection of the region-shattering Storm Eater as a weapon against Set.

Hundreds of Garou and their allies gave their lives in this battle, honored as one of the greatest ever fought in the history of the Garou Nation. A majority of the surviving fallen Silent Striders met their end here. None of that tribe is known to have survived the Battle of Phoenix.

The tale is often sung at moots, as the epilogue of the Phoenix Chronicle.

Battle of Phoenix

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