American Revolution Chronicle

American Revolution Chronicle

This is the story of three supernaturals trying to survive the terrors of the American Revolution.


Denis Diderot
Lenny the Lenape
Unnamed Bastet

Spirituality of the American Revolution

Iroquois Mythology

Totems in 1778

Vampire Disciplines in 1778

Werewolf Gifts in 1778

Important Revolutionary Locations and Historic Events:

Battle of Monmouth

Battle of Barren Hill


Boston Chantry

Caern of the Sentinel


Finger Lakes Caern

The French and Indian War


Lake Chaubunagungamaug Caern


New York City


Content Not Found: Philadelphia

Salem, Massachusetts

Sept of the Hand of Gaia

Timeline of the American Revolution

Treaty of Paris

Valley Forge

Important Revolutionary Factions, Groups, and Entities:

The Conway Cabal

The Founding Fathers

Political Factions in 1778

Cast of Characters of the American Revolution

George Washington

Madelaine Coventry, Tremere Prince of Salem


Tatiana, Gangrel archon

The Story of the American Revolution Chronicle

American Revolution Chronicle

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