1904 World's Fair

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, also known as the 1904 World’s Fair, was a public exhibition held in St. Louis, Missouri. The main attractions were the national pavilions, but innovative technological advances were presented at the fair as well, including air conditioning, incubators for premature infants, and many others. The Children of Ether, then known as the Sons of Ether, were primarily responsible for these technological exhibitions.

Other supernaturals from all over the world also visited the fair. The Pavilion of Fine Art (later to become the St. Louis Art Museum) was run by the Toreador, but a diverse array of vampires, Changing Breeds, and Fey of all types attended as well.

These concentrations of extreme reality deviation provoked numerous attacks by the Technocracy. The primary technological attraction was the airship competition. Children of Ether, Dragon Mages from the east, fey Knockers, and mortals alike all entered, but the race was cut short by another Technocracy attack. This resulted in a pitched battle between the Technocracy and the supernaturals of the Fair, who formed an alliance out of desperation.

Important Places, Factions, and Entities of the 1904 World’s Fair Chronicle

Children of Ether
Marie Curie
The Technocracy in 1904

? An Unknown Seemingly Vampiric Entity from the Philippines
? Morgan Le Fay
? Excalibur
? A Terrifying Intelligent Spider Made Of Glass

1904 World's Fair

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