Genocidal Dreamspeaker Oracle of Spirit


Unagilis is known to be at Mastery level of Spirit, and is considered to be a Dreamspeaker legend by most supernaturals and indigenous peoples locally. He now spends so little time on earth that it is presumed he will become an Oracle of Spirit. Since the events of the Victoria Finale, he is now considered an Oracle of Spirit.

He is powerful enough to reshape Deep Umbral realms (he dwells within the Hamatsa Aerie) and enslave an Incarna (Baxwbakwalanuksiwe’).

Now that he has succeeded in his plan ( Victoria Unto Itself), he has total mastery of the magical paradigm of Vancouver Island and the city of Victoria. Within the Umbral Realm he has created, he is unaffected by Paradox and can accomplish essentially any magical feat – he is a god, and cannot be assailed directly.

United Chord and FBI Seattle consider Unagilis to be a Threat Level 5, indicating that no agent should engage him without expecting to die. They have raised the prospect of raising him to a 6 – the off-the-books “threat to all humanity” rating. He is the suspected source of the Victorious plague, but no reliable evidence has yet linked them.


High Archmage and aspiring Oracle of Spirit, Unagilis is a Tsetsaut shaman from the 1800’s with a terrible grudge against European Garou and human Europeans.

Other than his deeply racist character flaw, Unagilis possesses Boddhisatva-like enlightenment. For most of a century he has lived simply in the purest of Umbral woods, communing with the spiritual world. His body, mind, and spirit are almost untainted by earthly corruption. His only actions during this time have been quietly reading volumes of poetry and literature, contemplating the perfection of the Hamatsa Aerie and the mysteries of their infinite minds, and occasionally weaving yet another thread into his massive, decades-long spell intended to tear pure Victoria out of Earth and destroy all the corrupted humans left behind.

He believes he will raise the world into a new Dynamic Age, restore the Pure Lands, and unite Gaia with the Spirit World, while simultaneously creating a refuge for the indigenous people he has sworn to protect.


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