Teresa Rowan

Verbena housewife, crocheter, Adept


Teresa is an Adept of the Sphere of Life and is also known to work with Correspondence, Mind, and Prime magick.


Teresa Rowan, mother of 4, housewife, crocheter, and secret puppetmaster of The Compact; friend to Dr. Ava Hamilton. She lives in a house in Sevenoaks. Teresa chose this place because it houses the Umbral Glen composed of seven mighty oaks stands in her backyard, although they are totally invisible in the real world.
Teresa’s oldest child is a 10 year old girl (Joanna) and youngest child is a male baby (Richard, named after Richard Randolph). Her husband’s name is Stewart Rowan, who works at McAllister Media as a graphic designer in northern downtown Victoria near the Fernwood Coffee Company. Rachel and Linthorn are her other children.

Teresa Rowan

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