Godlike powers that predate human civilization.


In 2003, when the world as it was known came to an end in what is now often called the Apocalypse, an ancient evil rose in North Africa. The primal Vampire God Set’s rise corresponded with volcanic eruptions throughout East Africa that blanketed much of the region in soot, ash, and fire. Millions died in the first hour. Every living human within the borders of the nation of Egypt either burst into flames and burned to char, or began to eat each other in cannibalistic fury. Libya, Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, and Eritrea effectively ended the same way within 48 hours. Although the details are utterly obscured by the surrounding horror, it is known that Set was challenged by an alliance of supernaturals in the Middle East – whose attempts failed utterly, catastrophically – leading to the almost complete fall of the Silent Strider tribe of Garou and their totem spirit Owl, as well as the Bubasti Bastet, and the final True Death of the majority of the Shemsu-Heru, companions of Horus, and Horus himself. Set showed himself (or herself – no sex was apparent) to be the most powerful of the risen Antediluvians, leading many Garou to speculate that Set had become the host of the Eater of Souls on Earth. Visions within the Phoenix Caern of Visions strongly support this interpretation of events.

Another day after that, and the Antediluvian somehow traveled through Umbral deserts, crossing the Earth, and reached Phoenix, Arizona just as the main advance of the Wyrm’s forces engages the body of the Garou Nation near Frankfurt and Cologne in what is now called the Fangs First Ragnarok, or the Battle of Germany.

The defeat of the Antediluvian Set at the Phoenix Caern of Visions by a multi-tribal alliance led by the Uktena is held to be one of the major lynchpins of the Gaian Victory. This was accomplished in large part through the breaking of the Rite of Still Skies and the redirection of the region-shattering Storm Eater as a weapon against Set.

Hundreds of Garou and their allies gave their lives in this battle, honored as one of the greatest ever fought in the history of the Garou Nation. A majority of the surviving fallen Hungry Ghosts/Silent Striders met their end here. None of that tribe is known to have survived the Battle of Phoenix.

Set was slain by Rattles the Sky, who gave his life channeling the Storm Eater and the totem Rattlesnake.


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