Rhett Whirlington

Vicious vampiric crime lord


Raven’s vampire business contact. As Raven says, he “has a high body count.” Rhett has multiple ghouls and human defenders in his James Bay estate. He owns Victoria Shipping Limited.

Given that all vampires in Victoria have been almost immediately executed for more than 60 years, it is an open question how Rhett has managed to continue his operations unmolested. He does keep a low profile in the supernatural community and rarely leaves his heavily fortified James Bay estate.

Rabidly paranoid, Rhett assumed any activity in the region remotely connected to vampires or vampirism was directly aimed at him. A (unsolved) murder investigated by Raven in a small northern town, for example, apparently convinced him that assassins were coming for him and he disappeared for days.

Rhett negotiated to assist the characters in the Victoria Finale, and committed a number of ghouls to the task. They seem to have all been captured or killed during that debacle. Rhett himself did not join in the assault and is presumed to have survived, but no one is in contact with him if so, so his survival remains uncertain in the new realm of Victoria Unto Itself.

Rhett Whirlington

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