Paul Allen

Chief Executive Iteration X Seattle


A tall and confident businessman with extraordinary command of digital technologies, Paul Allen dominates any conversation he enters. All eyes turn to him when he walks in the room.


Following a rapid rise in Iteration X during the early 1990’s, Allen sold out his shares of Microsoft and other major tech companies. He diversified into multiple investments and turned his considerable abilities to finance, collaborating actively with the Technocracy’s Syndicate branch. His enormous success in both domains catapulted him essentially to the head of Technocracy operations in the Seattle area.

With over a billion dollars at his command through his Vulcan Incorporated investment vehicle, Allen applies himself to providing the facilities of the Technocracy throughout the Northwest. In Seattle proper, he funded the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Allen Institute for Cell Science, and Allen Institute for Brain Science to house the cutting-edge work of his Iteration-X direct subordinates and their allied Progenitors. 30 Awakened Technocrats and hundreds of Unawakened human allies labor to advance the cause of the Technocracy, in particular biotechnology and next generation computing.

Allen himself has developed some truly advanced computer technologies in his past. Tradition mages assume he is a Master of Matter, and presumably has some facility with Life, Correspondence, and Entropy.

Paul Allen

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