Faerie Lord or Vampire Lord?


Meleagaunt is supposed to be a figure from Arthurian Legend. But circumstantial clues have pointed to the idea that the very same figure may have moved from Wales to Victoria 1500 years ago.

Baron Padraig Ailil confirms that Meleagaunt and Queen Cadi correspond to both Arthurian figures and legendary Sidhe royalty. Meleagaunt/Melwas was reputed to be a Sidhe King (The Summer Lord) who fell to the Unseelie Court after betraying his ally Arthur and kidnapping Guinevere. Cadi was the wife of Melwas, a warrior queen and Seelie Queen.

The Baron also confirms that Meleagaunt and Gwyn ap Nudd may be the same figure – describing Arawn as something older and separate. Because of the difficulties of interpreting Welsh Mythology today, it is easier to show how mythical figures are intepreted differently through time than it is to identify what the “original” Welsh god might have been like. In this case, the Arthurian character of Meleagaunt was probably based on the earlier Welsh deity Gwyn ap Nudd. In related news, elaborating on the theme, the Baron agrees that Cadi could be the legendary Morgan Le Fay, but finds it unlikely. He claims Arthur was a Fianna lord, allied to the Seelie Court at the time of these events.

Itonkwa, however, has made it clear that his master Meleagaunt is a vampire, and the Lady Catherine is aware.


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