Lady Catherine

True Fae


Lady Catherine appears to be a young Seelie noble of the Sidhe, and claims that Victoria is her fiefdom. Were that true, she would be a subject of Queen Laurel of the Kingdom of Northern Ice. She controlled the Seelie Court of Vancouver Island, but her only surviving subjects are Sir Thomas O’Rourke and Gildan.

Catherine also claims to be a Queen, however, and pays no attention to the notoriously powerful and moody Laurel. This has attracted the attention of Baron Padraig Ailil, a spy, to determine what exactly is going on.

In collaboration with many others, the Baron has concluded that Lady Catherine is probably none other than Queen Cadi, a 1500-year-old Welsh Sidhe Queen of the Seelie Court, bride of Meleagaunt, and since she dates to before the Sundering and possibly even before the Shattering, almost certainly a True Fae rather than a Changeling.

Hatley Castle was the Seelie Court; hosting Lady Catherine of House Eiluned and her apparently completely silent Consort in a mist shrouded room with golden lights in the vast distance. Since the destruction of Hatley Castle at the hands of the Wendigo Tribe and later one of The Hamatsa (Splitter of Skulls), she has relocated and joined with The Compact in Gowlland Tod Park.

Since the removal of Victoria from the confines of Earth, some suspect her power has increased by vast amounts…

Lady Catherine

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