Jonathan (vampire)

Novelist, Victim, Vampire.


Jonathan was a newly Embraced vampire in the Victoria area who frequented the Victoria Social Club in the last months of his life. He had been successfully flying under the radar of The Compact for a few months – mostly by being totally inoffensive and killing zero humans (he fed on animals, or fed on very healthy people without killing them). In technical terms his very high Humanity score made him less detectable to the Nulamal, and the members of the Compact that also visited the Social Club. The Compact was aware of him and debating when to kill him when Ice and the Wendigo Tribe arrived and solved the problem for them – by tearing off his head.

His novel was an existential re-imagining of Blazing Saddles. It was not very good. High-level Entropy/Destiny/Time magics applied to his work reveal that if he had left the Social Club five minutes earlier, he would have escaped Victoria alive and become a minor local celebrity in Vancouver for five years before his death at the hands of three under-employed methamphetamine junkies.

His dog’s name was Albert. It is still at large.

Jonathan (vampire)

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