John (werewolf)

Cree Bartender and Wendigo Philodox


John the Bartender (as he is known) is a tall and thin man of Cree and Scottish descent, once attached to a major caern in central Alberta, and now part of Ice‘s war party to Victoria. He is technically part of Armstrong Ice Heart’s team.

A series of coincidences led to Joseph Chambers treating John as his primary contact for the Wendigo Tribe, in which John is a Cliath Homid Philodox. This was not a comfortable role for John, particularly since Joseph had almost certainly killed some of his friends in the war party and dueled his direct superior.

John was required to maintain contact with Joseph by his superiors. However, he has also made it clear that he respects Joseph and has occasionally passed him information he was not required to pass on – such as how angry Ice was that day, or whether the tribe was actively hunting Joseph at that moment.

John is a nice guy, and supernaturally powerful, but is outclassed by many of the threats in Victoria, and knows it.

(real photo is Cree actor Justin Rain)

John (werewolf)

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