Jealous Galen

Exiled Fae Lord


Jealous Galen was one of the suitors of Queen Laurel of the Kingdom of Northern Ice. He had a penchant for assassinating her other suitors. His exile is severe.

He is a skilled swordsman and will often murder those that attempt to pass him. He lost a duel with Nathaniel Widdershins, but did not appear wounded or even winded by the conflict. Some suspect that his placement here on the Lost Trod is connected to the Gate to Arcadia; that a guardian for this path was needed, although whether that is because the path leads to the Gate, or because the path itself is inherently dangerous, is in no way clear. Presumably Queen Laurel, who exiled Galen here, would know. If this is the case, it is likely Galen is only the first guardian – the second being the Gremlins.

Galen’s curse and exile is somehow tied to The World Tree, but Nathaniel never chose to further investigate.

Most of this information comes from Baron Padraig Ailil, but Fergus also commented, “That guy is an asshole.”

Jealous Galen

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