Wyld-Infected Gangrel


Vampire, Gangrel, 9th generation. Itonkwa never came into the Victoria Social Club. He is a loner who hunts in Gowlland Tod Park.

Itonkwa has a 5 in Protean: Shape of the Beast. He can transform into a giant rat, wolf, or bat immediately without blood, because of the Wyld infection. Mist Form he may also take instantly. Earth Meld, Feral Claws (STR + 1), Eyes of the Bat.

Recently, he emerged from the forest to seek sanctuary in the Unseelie Court. Tree branches grow continuously through his skin, and become dead branches when pulled and discarded. He leaves a trail of finely growing moss. He asks for help, but also says he’s hungry. He’s been like this for days. His apparent infection by the Wyld has nearly made him a living creature again – although not necessarily human. He claims to have escaped the control of his ancient master, a terrible creature, who he says is also infected by the Wyld, breaking free of his blood bond ever so slightly.

He called him Meleagaunt, and says he sometimes masquerades as a Faerie Lord.


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