Unnatural Fianna Elder


Banson is the leader of the Welsh Fianna who have come to Victoria recently in search of the Dragon of Annwn.

He is an Elder of his tribe despite apparent young age (30’s). He is abnormally tall, muscular, and attractive, so much so that most normal men resemble awkward, skinny teenagers in his presence. His appearance has the force of a mild Glamour against heterosexual women and gay men (Appearance score of 6). Although he has a light, pleasant manner, he has the utter devotion of his highly-militarized cadre of warriors and was willing to kidnap Raven right in front of Joseph Chambers just to use her as leverage. He speaks multiple European languages including ancient and contemporary variants of Welsh.

He appears to have no fear of the most terrifying enemies and volunteers to battle The Hamatsa as if this is no great task (although he may simply be ethnocentric to the point that he doesn’t see Native American spirits as threatening).

Banson claims to have been led here by a vision, but also says he is Catholic – unusual for a Garou.


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