Aul Sewide

Enslaved Archmage


The Lesser Crooked Beak had been in the service of the Dreamspeaker Spirit Master Aul Sewide for 50 years when Aul Sewide was slain by Nathaniel Widdershins in collaboration with an elite team of supernaturals. The Lesser Beak then retreated to the Hamatsa Aerie, and proceeded onward into the Wendigo Homeland, where Nathaniel Widdershins and Kingfisher pursued. After a terrible and seemingly endless journal to the very heart of Winter, and tremendous personal sacrifice, this pair of Umbral warriors returned the Lesser Beak to the service of Gaia.

The Lesser Beak has a reputation as being the least of the Hamatsa, yet was still so vastly personally powerful as to make direct assault laughable – it is a force of nature. Winter, particularly.

Aul Sewide, likewise, was considered to be the least of the Dreamspeaker shamans of the Victoria area, but was known to be a master of summoning and controlling spirits.

Aul Sewide

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