Armstrong Ice Heart

Ice's First Lieutenant


Armstrong is a Homid Ahroun of Assiniboine/Nakota heritage and member of the Wendigo Tribe. He is the leader of Ice’s Lieutenants and thus the effective leader of the Wendigo war party in Victoria when Ice is not directly commanding. He possesses significant combat experience, so he is often given combat roles. He masterminded the attack on Hatley Castle that drove Lady Catherine and her Court into Gowlland Tod Park. He was primarily responsible for hunting Joseph Chambers as well as for most of the attacks on minor supernaturals in town; a task he was very successful in conducting.

Armstrong is completely ruthless but personally honorable. Expect him to have access to a number of Ahroun combat Gifts in addition to the Wendigo Gift Sky Running. He will kill enemies of his tribe without mercy, and even kill those he sees as innocent if commanded to do so, but he will always allow a fighting chance to his enemies if possible, and he will maintain the terms of agreements.

(actual image is Kevin Haywahe of the Assiniboine)

Armstrong Ice Heart

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