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The Victorious Case Is Made

Kira Hong, in the form of a blonde Californian Valley Girl, willingly divulges everything she knows of Jay Taglieri and Unagilis, and their collaborative involvement in the creation of the Victorious pathogen. Simon Gregor Chanofsky is able to partially co-locate her Correspondence Pocket with the Vatican Library, which makes her feel at home. She misses her League of Legends game and doesn’t believe or understand any of this hippie bullshit.

According to Kira (and some internet research), Jay went through a divorce 9 months ago, and received a major Technocracy promotion 8 months ago. About 6 months ago, he began buying liquor for the underage Kira, and talking to her about a spiritual awakening, including his readings of the Tao Te Ching and Black Elk Speaks. During this time Unagilis came into contact with him and began to influence him – in part through real spiritual knowledge, and in part through threats, primarily by way of the Nulamal. He met all five of the Dreamspeaker mages in the region… who did not think much of him. Unagilis provided the mirror during this period and exerted increasing influence on Taglieri. Kira describes Taglieri’s Time-based engineering of the pathogen as “genius,” and most of the characters conclude that she is quietly in love with him, despite what he put her through. Gross.

Why exactly Taglieri arranged for the disease to have a one month duration is unclear, although it makes the successes of United Chord in fighting the pathogen less impressive – they only were able to stop it when it was designed to be stopped. Kira did manage to code in the “Trolololo” protein at the last minute before the release of the amoeba into the world, which was her “message in a bottle” asking for help.

After examining the machine used to build Victorious, Eli Anders is able to show exactly how it was done. Blair Astor is able to show that only Taglieri used the computer during the period in which it was done – so that he must have known what was happening, whether he did it or not. Mara was able to show that a separate spiritual influence was exerted on the machine during the creation of the pathogen – presumably Unagilis himself. She also contacts the powerful local Spirit known as Coffee, who informs her that he guided Taglieri to Unagilis, as Taglieri searched for meaning and fulfillment following the collapse of his personal life.

A very clear case could now be made to the Traditions that the Victorious Pathogen is artificial, coded by Technocrats (apparently under Paul Allen’s nose), and created at the direction of Unagilis himself.

As an important aside, Chanofsky is able to do a major working distracting the Technocracy from their trail (after kidnapping Kira) and blaming Nathaniel Widdershins instead. All evidence suggests that it worked handily.

One question definitely nags at Blair Astor – How did Taglieri program in a dodge that prevented his monitoring by the Technocracy? Either Allen knew what was happening – and he didn’t seem to – or Taglieri pulled off Magick he shouldn’t be able to… Or he had help.

The characters receive a copy of the DVIANT Tracker and the knowledge of how to summon Coffee.


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