Mythic Engine World of Darkness

Sake and Widdershins

The afternoon of November 20, 2010. After completing all relevant paperwork, drinks at the Lotus Kirimi bar near the FBI Seattle headquarters allow some brief relaxation with Sterling Gonzalo. After Sterling’s departure, our new allies leave for Blair Astor’s palatial condo within view of the Seattle Space Needle.

There, after some difficulties, Blair is able to get a lead on the suspected genetic engineer, while Chanofsky surprises everyone by opening a portal straight to one of their suspects, Nathaniel Widdershins.

Unfortunately Widdershins is a wily and frightening opponent, and he soon has his blade (“Mankiller, Faetouched Blade of the Eldritch Era”) up to Chanofsky’s throat. After a minute of negotiations, he leaves. Many observing conclude that he is infected by something – Chanofsky and Anders suspect “Dynamism.” His form is unstable. After taking a sample of his shedding skin, we conclude.

Special Agent Tama declares that we will gather again at noon on November 21 – the next day.

Mara is driving west to quickly meet with the Uktena Elders.


Grayswandir Grayswandir

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