Mythic Engine World of Darkness

Hawaiian Gods, Spirit-Hacking, Into The Machine

Maralah takes a trip into the Olympic Peninsula to meet Michael Lachkanam, local Elder of the Northwest Coast Uktena. He agrees to find her a path to Victoria, but asks her opinion about the great Spirit that has just moved in to Mount Constance. Maralah speaks to the 200-foot tall, beautiful Hawaiian woman with a voice like a steam engine and a breath of tropical flowers. She says she is Poli’ahu. When Mara offers her assistance, her fang-toothed grin says only, “Kill Jack Frost for me.”

Various minor items: the Virtual Adept known as “Otto” has a second cousin in Kineta Biotechnology. Gay Matthew is the best intern at FBI Seattle. Jenny the intern is more enthusiastic (too much so…) but not as good. Gretchen is a damn bitchy secretary.

Blair Astor is able, with Mara’s help, to pursue her lead on the creation of the Victorious Pathogen. An IP address, hidden by proxies, leads her back (using a Net Spider) to a server on the central mainframe of the Allen Institute, a known operation of the Technocracy. Kitari Tama makes a quick phone call to Laura Newman, who arranges access through Paul Allen.

Upon visiting, they are admitted by Laurie Hwang, a pleasant functionary who gives them access to the lab spaces. There, Eli Anders is able to hone in on the signal of the Resonance connected to the Victorious pathogen – sure enough, it’s here. In the lab of Jay Taglieri and his assistant Kira Hong, they find it. Yet Kira is terrified of an ornamental mirror in the room.

Out of it bursts something ebony-skinned and woolly, with fingernails of polished wood and a face like a carnival mask, wielding a seven-foot stone-tipped spear and moving in utter silence. It moves for Kira, but Anders shoots it (with help from Simon Gregor Chanofsky’s Magick. Taglieri goes for the mirror suddenly, only to find Agent Tama in his path. She knocks him unconscious.

A Strike Team’s arrival (by teleport) makes things dicey for a moment, but the characters negotiate with Paul Allen himself for access to the machine used to make Victorious (possibly). In exchange, the FBI will data-share with him about a number of new supernatural entities in town… one of which is on Mount Constance…


Grayswandir Grayswandir

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